For your vacation rental in Versilia.

For your vacation rental in Versilia.

For your vacation rental in Versilia.

Rental in Versilia has made headlines this year, at Gran Toscana we have seen it grow at an exponential rate. The consequences of the coronavirus crisis have in many cases been devastating. It is without a doubt that the future remains uncertain and challenging. But for many people confined to their homes for weeks, easing lockdown restrictions has meant escaping to vacation rentals which are witnessing a strong uprush as travelers search for destinations with more privacy, space and … a breath of fresh air. 


Gran Toscana Rental.

For anybody starting out with dreams to spend some time off in Versilia, you’ve got research to do and you’re going to need a rental agency. You’re going to want to rely on a trusty source before you even set your sights on that quirky hillside house in Pietrasanta or stunning Roma Imperiale property. With our experience in the local real estate market, we have decided to expand our business into Rental Homes thru: Gran Toscana Rental. At Gran Toscana we aim to become a reference point in Versilia both for the home owners and visitors. Going the extra mile, driven by the desire to deliver professional assistance where service can mean a great deal.


Hello Francesca!

The first thing we decided that we needed to do was to appoint a responsible for the rental division: Francesca was an obvious choice! Francesca Barbarani was born in Milan where she received her Architectural Science degree. She has been working in the design sector for ten years and collaborating with Italian and foreign companies. Her second home has always been Versilia where she decided to move. Thanks to her professional experience, she has understanding of interior design, property valuation and client relationship. Whether Francesca will help you choose your perfect vacation home and plan the details of your stay in Versilia or support you whilst your away, she will make it our business to know what’s what, who’s who, and how things work.

Versilia offers wonderful landscapes of all kinds, there’s something for everyone along the coast and the hills that slope up to the Apuan Alps. At Gran Toscana Rental we help you find your rental house in Versilia to experience life as a local with the comfortable coziness of a home.The best location, the most luxurious pool, the best sea view; Francesca has cherry picked some of our best rental villas that you can enjoy thru Gran Toscana Rental!


Casa dei Sogni

Attico Maremonti

Villa Babi

Villa Marina

Villa Tullia


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