Why not buy a house in need of renovation?

Why not buy a house in need of renovation?


Why not buy a house in need of renovation?

In these troubling times it is not always easy to stay focused on the dream of a home under the Tuscan sun. Some of you may have postponed it, others have simply abandoned it, focusing on more pressing and practical matters. At this point the question arises: Are there people who are still trying to buy a house in Italy? The answer is a resounding yes.


Covid-19 and looking for a home:

Despite Covid-19 and international lockdowns, Gran Toscana records a solid increase in the number of requests received by house hunters for properties for sale in Tuscany and Liguria. The blockade has forced many people around the world to stay at home and this has been synonymous with spending more time looking for homes for sale and checking the trend of the real estate market in top locations such as Versilia and Tuscany in general.


Why renovate?:

At Gran Toscana we have noticed that the preference of previous years for prestigious, well-renovated and “turnkey” properties seems to be always active but what we are seeing is that people are now more willing to do renovations, even substantial. Many people continue to work in smart mode and often have to rely on distance learning for their children; this means that the real estate market is heating up again with buyers eager to undergo a renovation. We are all aware that the possibility of creating more rooms, coordinating the open spaces with the kitchen for example; or the independent access to the rooms or to a study facilitate the stay at home, making the time spent between work, study and leisure pleasant. With older homes it is often difficult to imagine what they would be like if they were organized and decorated differently than what you see and like. Understanding the potential of a space requires a lot of creative effort but, at times, unattractive properties can be transformed into surprising spaces through a clever renovation.


Personalize your home:

With a tailor-made project you can customize and renovate your home in Versilia according to your needs. Add rooms or add another floor to the house, even by varying the distribution of spaces; convert unused space into organized and useful space. Perhaps your new home could be expanded to accommodate remote work areas. If the home you are interested in respects all the features you are looking for and the location you like, the interiors could be renovated to create a personalized home and this should not be underestimated.


Increase value:

Let’s not forget that renovations increase the value of the house. And as for neighboring properties, the value of homes locally will increase with the improvements underway, generating better attractiveness of the area as a whole.


Are you ready?:

Whether you are looking to invest to increase the value of the property for sale or being excited to buy a used house and personalize it, we have selected three properties for sale ready for renovation:


Casa Mila

Casa in Collina

Villa Laura


Welcome Home.