Houses for sale in Viareggio, Italy

If you are a fan of Liberty style, you’ll appreciate Viareggio with its many buildings in the blocks along the seafront perfect examples of it. There are so many examples of Liberty style houses and luxury villas for sale in Viareggio, Italy!


Best known for its Carnival, held throughout March and April (and considered by many to be bettered in Italy only by Venice’s), the city is a comfortable size, easy to get around on foot, bike and car.


An important centre for the Italian yacht industry, some of the world’s leading luxury boat builders work side by side here with traditional local artisans and in fact, every spring the town hosts a major boat show drawing participants and visitors from around the world.


The sea is the focus of life in Viareggio, with kilometres of beach lidos filled with locals and holidaymakers during the summer. A favourite past time, whatever the season, is a stroll along the famed “passeggiata” or seafront, a chance to shop, meet up with friends or just watch the other passers-by. For music lovers, there is something for everyone, with a lively club scene along the waterfront and, just a few kilometres away on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli, the annual Puccini Festival.

In summary

A modern town dominated by Liberty style buildings and the seaside with all its attractions, night or day.


There is plenty to keep you entertained from sunrise to midnight but lifestyle tends to focus around the sea, where strolling the length of the passeggiata is a popular past time for all ages, with maybe a gelato, coffee or fish dinner.

What you won’t find

Viareggio is not your archetypal picture-perfect Italian historic village.

The real estate environment

Luxury attic apartments along the seafront and classic larger buildings in Liberty style.

Why you’ll fall in love

The laidback charm and offerings of the Versilia beach scene in a town context.

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