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Perhaps best known today as home to Cinque Terre, five gorgeous villages perched along a small area of coast, Liguria is a narrow region stretching from northern Tuscany to the French Riviera, and in fact, the coastal strip is popularly referred to as the Italian Riviera. These are just a few of the reasons why to choose a property for sale in Liguria.


Also, with its mild climate, Liguria is synonymous with sparkling blue sky and sea, dotted with craft from tiny yachts and fishing boats to luxury launches. It has been home to numerous famous artists and poets such as Shelley and Byron, inspired by the vibrant colours of the nature and the distinctive narrow houses painted in bold reds, yellows and pinks.


From bustling cities such as Genova and the port of La Spezia to picturesque tiny towns like Monterosso sul Mare, Lerici and Portofino, Liguria is full of postcard-perfect views. Add to this the great local cuisine such as pesto, focaccia and plenty of fish dishes, and you have a heady mix of colours, tastes and smells which make it an irresistible location. So, let’s find out more about one of the best seaside Italian location where to find a property for sale: Liguria!

In summary

Sea, nature and culture in a burst of colour against the blue of the sea and sky.


Relaxed and authentic, where people have the time to chat, interact and enjoy the sea, the local food and wine, all at a leisurely pace.

What you won’t find

Easy accessibility during the peak summer months when it can be difficult to get around as the narrow streets attract increasing numbers of tourists from all over the world.

The real estate environment

In the coastal towns you tend to find the classic two-storey apartments in colourful hues whilst in the lower hills are villas with gardens, often with access to the beach, and many with swimming pools.

Why you’ll fall in love

For its extraordinary stunning sea views, vivid colours and picturesque villages.

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