Why to choose Carrara to find a property for sale

Nestled between the soaring Apuan Alps and the sea, Carrara’s story is built upon marble and sheer hard work, on art and nature, architecture and history. Marble, however, is the beating heart of the city, with its beautiful white stone dominating its aesthetics, economy and personality for centuries.


With a population of around 60,000, Carrara can be roughly divided into two areas: the historic centre and the seaside town. The centre itself is small but full of beautiful old buildings with a glorious cathedral and beautiful main square whilst a few kilometres down the road you’ll find a lively port area and beaches.


Reaching up beyond the old town are the Alps with their gleaming white gashes of marble. Up here is where you will find a host of tiny authentic villages including Colonnata, famed for its lardo, a delicious white meat which is cured for months in herbs and spices in enormous vats made… naturally… of marble.


These are some of the most interesting reasons why to choose Carrara if you are looking to find a property for sale. Let’s find out more about.

In summary

An authentic old town situated between the mountains and the sea, rooted in centuries of marble extraction.


Authentic, relaxed and laidback, with perhaps just a hint of underlying melancholy in the shadow of the rugged mountains.

What you won’t find

A typical touristy town.

The real estate environment

Less of an obvious choice than other locations in Northern Tuscany, it is gaining popularity, meaning that prices, whilst very affordable, are starting to move.

Why you’ll fall in love

For the same reasons that the Romans did all those centuries ago: the extraordinary mountains which dominate the city, filled with the allure of white marble.

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