Buying a property in Italy made easy

If you are looking to investing in Italian Real Estate and purchase a property, it all starts with a meeting where we get to know you. It’s important for us to understand who you are and what you are looking for. Not only in terms of “garden, number of bedrooms and proximity to schools” but your lifestyle, your needs, your dreams, the small things which might seem mundane but help us build a picture of the right property for you. Whether that is a holiday home, an investment or a home which will be the foundation of an exciting new chapter in your life, we believe that such an important decision such as buying a property in Italy deserves plenty of attention to detail as well as expertise and passion.

If you are buying a property in Italy

  • Establishing the reason(s) you are looking to purchase
  • Identifying properties which match your needs and brief
  • Scheduling appointments and visits to the selected properties
  • Handling any technical checks
  • Preparation of paperwork for your offer
  • Negotiating with the seller
  • Dealing with the administrative documentation and procedures once your offer has been accepted
  • Meeting where you pay a portion of the total and commit to purchasing the property (this usually takes place at a notary’s office)
  • Meeting at which ownership of the property passes to you. (this usually takes place at a notary’s office)

We will be with you each step of the way to help guide you through it smoothly and handle all aspects of buying a property in Italy and investing in Italian Real Estate. 

Throughout the entire process we will call on our network of external resources to cover their various areas of expertise as required, be that legal, financial or architectural. Rest assured, however, that you will have just one person handling the entire procedure, who will be available to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

Who comes to us to buy a property in Italy?

  • Anyone looking for the perfect home in some of Italy’s most appealing lifestyle locations
  • Clients looking for a property in the hospitality sector in sought-after tourist destinations
  • Investors intending to rent out a property
  • Investors with the intention to sell on
  • Developers

What do our clients want from us? in Italy?

  • A complete package with one person who can deal with all aspects relevant to a purchase, ie administrative, legal, tax, architectural, permit-related
  • Contacts, local knowledge and the Italian language
  • A neutral, independent local reference point

Contact us for more information or to organise an appointment. We’d love to hear from you.