From today we are certified Realtor©

From today we are certified Realtor©

Negotiating for yourself, negotiating for others.

Darling, do you prefer to eat at home or do you want to go for a pizzeria? We should change the car, how about a station wagon? Dad, I’m not feeling well, can I stay at home today?

Throughout the day we continually face situations that force us to make decisions; calmly sometimes, more often under stress, very often we end up arguing. The truth is that we negotiate every day, at home, at work or practicing our favorite hobbies. We have a big advantage in this: the negotiating playing field takes place most of the time within our comfort zone, in situations that are familiar to us or with people we know, on topics that do not require specific preparation. with a person we’ve never met, to buy or sell a property? Would we be able to face with serenity and preparation an appointment that could be one of the most difficult and important of our life? An in-depth study of the stressors that plague us reports the change of house as the 3rd highest moment of difficulty after the loss of a spouse or a divorce!

Raise your hand those who did not seem to have to climb a mountain when they tried to buy a house. Raise your hand to those who did not find it difficult to deal with all the technical, legal and emotional aspects of selling their property. But above all, raise your hand those who regretted for not having been able to conduct the negotiation in the best possible way!

When we think of a sale or a purchase, our attention immediately goes to the price. This is the first false step: you must focus on the conditions required for the sale, on the obligations proposed or assumed, on the times and methods, on your vulnerabilities. The second misstep is to be convinced of getting the best price: personal involvement and your desire to buy or sell does not allow you to be cold and objective, very often allowing to give you more than what you managed to get. Would you be surprised if we told you that sales made at the agreed price by both parties left no smile on either side? Ask yourself why. A good negotiator does not find an agreement on the price only, but makes both parties happy and satisfied in the difficult path undertaken to conclude the sale with serenity.

The general knowledge of people about the tasks of an agency mainly lingers on preparing a list of homes for sale, but the reality is that a trained agent assists and guides people in the magnificent journey of a correct purchase, offers the best advice and strategy to obtain an excellent result in the sale. The agent uses a lot of complex ingredients to get the best result shared by the buyer and the seller. How difficult is it to achieve this? A lot. The preparation of an excellent agent requires many years, dedication, study and continuous professional training. The profiling ability, the knowledge of its market, the technical and legal aspects and the continuous dealing with negotiation situations make it a true specialized consultant alongside the client.

The negotiating playing field is a beautiful arena, but the players must be trained professionals: relying on a professional consultant is the best strategy. Gran Toscana Properties has been dealing with this important issue for several years, relying on training systems of the most important institutes such as REBI – Real Estate Business Institute, REBAC – Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council of the National Association of REALTORS®️, affiliation to NAR – National Association of Realtors. The professional systems of these institute have allowed us to have the most important designations for a true international agency:
ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative;
SRS – Seller Representative Specialist;
RENE – Real Estate Negotiation Expert.

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