Let us introduce Gran Toscana Properties.
Our new internet site.

Let us introduce Gran Toscana Properties.
Our new internet site.


Gran Toscana Properties introduces itself.

We proudly present our new website: www.grantoscanaproperties.


Web design by BOGUS Lab, Viareggio:

In recent months, with the professional assistance of BOGUS Lab, www.boguslab.com, we have worked on the conceptual redesign of our website and also of the philosophy of Gran Toscana Properties: The world of real estate professionals is really difficult and to be successful it is it is necessary to continuously nourish one’s skills with great passion. Establishing a solid online presence is essential and the most authentic digital reputation arises from the serious work carried out with diligence, especially now that the competition of professional profiles that are not up to standard risk confusing the customer.


SEO Consulting by Quindo, Lucca:

Obviously we need customers to sell properties and to get excellent contacts it is not enough to have a loyal network, but we must also be clearly visible online to expand it. For this we have hired Laura Venturini of Quindo Srl, https://www.quindo.it, a leading consultancy agency specialized in SEO for e-commerce, who over the next months will follow us with a targeted strategy to help us grow our business.


A personal site to express yourself:

A big challenge is to emerge as a professional real estate agency and a website is a great way to make ourselves known, to show the properties and communicate our philosophy and our way of working to the client.

We don’t rely on standard real estate website templates but at the same time we couldn’t make it ourselves – we needed outside help. BOGUS Lab bases their professional service on years of experience and with a team of expert designers guarantee a unique, effective and powerful website that will not only show its brand, but will also satisfy customers who will have the pleasure of visiting it.

In all of that, our objective “to stand out “, is exactly what Bogus Lab has managed to achieve. The result: ww.grantoscanaproperties.com is a responsive, professional and elegant website that is optimally displayed on various mobile devices.


What do you think about it?:

We have made every effort to improve our website. But did we succeed? Let us know, your suggestions and comments are more than welcome! Now you know where to find us online too.



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